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Ceiling Vent for Raked, Cathedral or vaulted roof and ceiling


During the summer months a house absorbs incredible amounts of heat, more so if the roof is a dark colour.

The upper region of the room or area begins to build up pressure somewhat like a pressure cooker.
This heat load permeates through the insulation making comfort levels in the living area unbearable.

By using a Condor ceiling vent, coupled with an appropriate roof ventilator, you can reduce the temperature and pressure in the room, allowing the area to maintain better comfort levels.
The ventilator will vent the area direct to atmosphere through the ceiling vent.

Air-conditioned houses, either refrigerated or evaporative, benefit considerably by having a Condor Roof Ventilator installed to eliminate air conditioner overload and reduce power usage.

Remember, cool air characteristically always falls to the lower region of a room.
It does not naturally rise up to the ventilator

Ceiling vents are available as manually operable by using a control rod of appropriate length, or with 12v wireless remote operation.

These can also be used with air conditioning systems

Ventilation for raked or cathedral ceiling  
PP type ceiling vent for conventional and raked ceilings
Available in sizes 250, 300, 350, 450 diameter

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